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Description of contents

Nutrition, health of body and well-being of mind. Ossigeno 3 features art and recipes of forager chef Valeria Mosca, the latest movements of the ColletivO CineticO and takes a closer look at human beings and science with discussions about frequency and quantum physics. The publication also includes a special article by Catherine Hamon, a child neuropsychiatrist, on eating disorders in childhood linked to television and mass media advertising.

Ossigeno – Elements of Life is a communication/information roadmap with a precise goal: to accompany the ongoing change in eating habits, through what one might define as a practical and cultural guide. Between science, art and research, the Ossigeno book series is a collection of articles and insights on the meaning of wellness as a balance of body and mind, and of care for health and the soul.

Book Information Card

Pages: 160, Dolce Vita paper, Favini – 145 g. Black edge

Cost: €30

Isbn: 978-88-943239-2-4

Closed format: 23.3 x 29.4 cm

Open format: 46.6 x 29.4 cm

Publishing house: NutsforLife

Cover features: punched and hot-printed, on Black Truffle paper (Curious Matter collection) from Arjo Wiggins paper mill – 380 g

Texts: Italian and English


Editorial Director – Mario Zani

Artistic Director – Mustafa Sabbagh

Editor-In-Chief – Carlo Zauli

Graphic Director – Laura Zavalloni

Book Editor – Fabiola Triolo

Editorial staff – Marcello Cicognani, Patricia De Croce, Sandro Di Domenico, Elena Di Fazio, Paola Nicita, Argyri Platsa, Stefano Santangelo, Federico Spadoni, Federico Tosi, Fabiola Triolo, Giovanni Vignazia

Photo credits – Luca La Vopa

Illustrative Tables – Carlo Pastore

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