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Description of contents

Fermentation, a natural process of processing and preserving food. With this, Ossigeno 2 opens its investigations into food and wellness, by exploring, together with the art of chef Daniela Cicioni, the byways of this ancient path of gastronomy.

In the second issue of Ossigeno – Elements of life – we also talk about eating disorders in children, and the necessary preventative measures that – as child neuropsychiatrist Catherine Hamon observes – must be taken early. From Feldenkrais to Myod, the book treats of science, exploring, through the waves of quantum physics, water’s magnetic fields.

Ossigeno – Elements of Life – is a series of editorials with a precise goal: to accompany the ongoing change in eating habits through what one might define as a practical and cultural guide. Between science, art and research, the Ossigeno book series is a collection of articles and insights on the meaning of wellness as a balance of body and mind, and of care for health and the soul.

Book Information Card

Pages: 160, Dolce Vita paper, Favini – 145 g. Black edge

Cost: €30

Isbn: 977-25-320720-0-8

Closed format: 23.3 x 29.4 cm

Open format: 46.6 x 29.4 cm

Publishing house: NutsforLife

Cover features: punched and hot-printed, on Black Truffle paper (Curious Matter collection) from Arjo Wiggins paper mill – 380 g

Texts: Italian and English


Editor-In-Chief – Carlo Zauli

Editorial Director – Fabiola Triolo

Graphic Director – Laura Zavalloni

Editorial staff – Elena Di Fazio, Sylva Florence, Cetty Giuffrida, Eleonora Polacco, Stefano Santangelo, Federico Tosi, Fabiola Triolo

Photo Credits – Luca La Vopa

Illustrative Tables – Carlo Pastore

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