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La Nuova Farmacia

The magazine provides original research and in-depth information on the world of pharmacies. Aimed at pharmacists, it deals with the key issues of the sector and offers market analysis and practical solutions to help professionals.

Capitan Bananas

With two paper magazines distributed as an attachment to NoccioLine, and four digital publications downloadable from the website, Capitan Bananas e il Pianeta Cibosano (“Capitan Bananas and the Cibosano Planet”) is a comic about super heroes and distant galaxies, which provides entertainment and amusement while putting across its message: healthy eating helps you to grow and feel good.


Since the spring of 2012, NoccioLine magazine has been circulated half-yearly to every paediatric clinic and nutritionist office in Italy. NoccioLine is a collection of travel stories and short, in-depth articles on nutrition.
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