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Since the spring of 2012, NoccioLine magazine has been circulated half-yearly to every paediatric clinic and nutritionist office in Italy. NoccioLine is a collection of travel stories and short, in-depth articles on nutrition. Like excerpts from a diary, the articles describe the traditions and artistic and scenic beauties of places with cultures quite distant from our own. This storyline covers Italy’s own natural products as part of our editorial goal of getting around the obsession with dream travel and getting closer to a different and more informed approach to nutrition.
The magazine rounds off with a scientific article by the food technologist: Dr Francesca Buccella.

Magazine Information Card

Pages: 32

Cost: Free distribution

Publishing Frequency: Half-yearly

Closed format: 24 x 27 cm

Open format: 48 x 27 cm

Publishing house: NutsforLife

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